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About Ordering

How long should i order ahead?

Our online store has a calendar allowing pre-ordering up to 30 days ahead. If you can't select certain date within a month it means we are fully booked that date. 

If we are not full tmr, for rush order required by tomorrow (cut off at 6pm today), there is $18 fee automaticlly applied into shopping cart. 

We suggest customer to place order 1-2 weeks ahead especially Friday or the date before public holiday.

Can I order for xx/xx date

We are not able to answer this question. We have very small production ability.  The date you asked might be open when I reply your message but when you see that message and trying to order, it might be booked.  Please go to any cake's page, it has a calendar. If it allows you to select that date then we are available.

How much is the shipping cost?

We have 2 type of shipping.

① Shipping by parcel. If your order does not contain any cake or cat grass, it can be delivered by parcel within australia. Cost $6.9 within Melbourne or $10 for major cities; Free shipping for order over $69 within Melbourne or $90 for major cities. 


② For cake order within Great Melbourne we have worked with third party delivery company which deliver the order to you on the required date. The fees are $7.9-$41.9 depends distance. You can check fees by postcode at

​Currently we send Freeze Dried Portrait Cake to all Australia. It is free shipping 

How can i give you my order instruction if I place order online?

Before payment page there is a note section you can type your instructions.

Do you deliver outside of Melbourne

We ship everything except cakes and cat grass by parcel to all Australia.

About Product

What's in your cake? Can my pet eat it?

Our cakes are made of human-graded pet-friendly natural ingredients which suitable to pet's diet. Please check ingredient page. Everything includes the decorations are edible. We understand many pups are devourer. For their safety, we make everything on the cake edible (unless specified in the product page).

Why are your cakes small? My dog ate the cake in 5 seconds.

Dog cakes are more condensed than human cake. Our signature 4 inch portrait cake is about 2 big Mac's weight. ( Trust me there is more meat in our cake than Big Mac). I, as a human, can't finish 2 big Mac in 5 seconds but most big dog can. Animals (including human) have intension of fast-eating and over-eating towards yummy food. Please monitor, control that excited furry kid and always provide plenty of fresh water :).

My cat/dog has special diet requirement/sensitive stomach, can he/she eat the cake?

If sudden change of diet will cause upset stomach, then a sudden feeding of a whole cake will cause the same issue. But you can do the same thing as changing diet -- Mix the cake with his/her food and then feed moderate amount. If you have any concern of the ingredients please contact your vet.


We can try to cater for certain food intorlerance. Please contact us ahead.  However if your dog/cat or human in your household has severe allergy reaction, such as suffocation from a piece of sesame, don't order from us. I can't guarantee there is no cross contamination.

Can cats eat your dog cake/treats? vice versa?

Cats are fussy. Most likely they will not like the dog cakes/treats. However our dog products are safe for cats if they actually eat it.


All ingredients in the cat cakes/treats are safe for dogs. Dogs love all cat food.

What's the cake's shelf life?

3-4 days in the fridge. It is common that fresh food will change looks (i.e. fade or surface bend) over the time. We recommond to feed asap or at least take photos asap.

However, the shelf life is affected by all kind of environment aspects, please use discretion when you feed our product to your pet.

Can human eat your cake?

Technically it is edible to human since it is all human graded ingredients. However, there is no butter, sugar, salt or whipped cream in the cake. It might not taste good under a human standard. Also, our city council requires different license for human food. We are not allowed to say it is edible to human.

My cats are fussy, will he/she like the cake

All cats are fussy. There is no such thing in the world that every cat likes it.

From our experience:

if your cat on raw diet, most likely it will like our cake.

if your cat likes boiled meat, most likely it will like our cake.

if your cat likes tuna, most likely it will like our cake.

if your cat hates all fish but ok with boiled meat, please let us know we can add no fish in it.

if your cat usually eats royal canine or grocery store brand wet food, most likely it will not like our cake.

if your cat only eats dry food refuses any wet food. it will not like our cake.

This is just an esimate. we do not guarentee preferences. All cats are different.

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