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But actually made of chicken
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Each box contain 7-9 pieces cookies.

Handmade with cat fur ball remedy ingredients but they are also good as a doggie treat helping pup's digestive system.

Store at a cook & very dry place(better put in a sealed tupperware) at room temperature for 3 months, but to get best flavour and freshness, feed ASAP.

Texture is crunch and loose. Easily break into small pieces even crumbs.

*Please note this product might break into pieces but quality and taste are not affected.

Australian Chicken (Breast: Heart 9:1): High quality and easy-digest protein, also taste very good.

Eggs: Natural animal lethicin helps "melting" down clumping fur ball.

Greek Yoghurt: tons of probiotic help digestive system works.

Pumpkin, Psyllium Husk and Home-grown Cat Grass,: Good fibre helps 💩 bringing excessive hair out of stomach.

Slippery Elm and Turmeric: Lubricate gut and naturally calm down the irritated stomach.

Ginger root: Reduce nauseous feeling.

Yeast: high Vitamin B which helps gut to grown stronger.

That's it. Totally grain free no carbs. Healthy and yummy.

Please note this product is made in a facility that process other products and may contain trace of nuts, coconut, sesame, dairy, wheat, meat, fish, or egg.


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