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Edible Customised Portrait Cake-Topper | No Cake No Cake No Cake | Decorate Your Own Homemade Cakes

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This is a cake topper, which main purpose is decoration. Customers need to make their own cake and use this product to decorate it. If you purchase this product you will not get a cake from us.

☀☀☀About the Product☀☀☀

Sometimes pawrents would like to make their own cake for the pup. You can get this cake-topper to decorate your own cakes.

The price is for 1 dog portrait and 1 bone shape name badge.

It is 100% natural grain free sugar free, made of coconut and coloured with vegetable.

Coconut naturally have high fibre and high absorbency. When contact with moist content (i.e. raw/cooked meat or dairy) it will slowly absorb the liquid and bent/crooked/fade in a few hours. We suggest you to put the cake-topper on right before celebration.

Since it is a hard chew, some fussy fur kids might not like to eat it.

Bulk price will applied automatically when order 6 or more.

🐱 We can make cat portrait. but most cats do not like coconut. If you do not mind feel free to order for cats.

2 size available. 3-4 inch is about 7.5-10 cm | 5-6 inch is about 12-15cm | Some pups have lean face some pups are fluffy. it is hard to make exact size. The picture below can give you an rough idea (cakes in the photo are not included)

Photo requirement:

Store in the room temperature for 1-2 weeks. can make it extra hard and dry for longer shelf life if required

☀☀☀Shipping, Delivery & Pick Up☀☀☀

Available for Shipping within Australia by parcel. Allow at least 5 business days to make it and a few business days on the way.

Available for pick up in store at Melbourne CBD during opening hours.

Available for In-person Delivery to most suburbs in Melbourne.

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