Freeze Dried Cake Pieces Doggie Treat

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perfect snack for cake lover
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When making cakes, we need to cut cakes into certain shape. Many pieces are cut off. These off-cut are as yummy as the "good looking part". We freeze dried these off-cut which makes it crunchy and long lasting. It can be the perfect snack for pups.

Very crunchy, you can easily break into crumbs.

It may contain any ingredients in our cake including chicken, beef, kangaroo, tuna, peanut butter, egg and egg shells, pumpkin, sweet potato, chia seeds, coconut etc. Of course like all our cakes, they are grain free sugar free artificial nasties free.

Store in a cool & dry place for about 6 months. Consume it within 1 month after open. Always reseal it. Freeze Dried products naturally absorb moisture quickly so it can get soggy easily.

Each bag contain about 75g of freeze dried cake pieces and crumbs.

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