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Trial NOTE:

This is a trial to ship cake outside of Great Melbourne. We are not sure how freeze dried cakes will do in the parcel shipping process. That's why we are doing a shipping trial with discounted price. Please allow small defect. Please allowed extra time for delivery. If the parcel damaged or lost we will issue full refund. But the disappointment will not be covered. We really do not want to upset anyone. If you mind not having a cake on the birthday, let's not take the risk.

We assure you the cake won't be spoiled on the way. It will definitely be healthy and safe for your fur kids to consume (unless package damaged. please contact us for refund in that case)

Afterward we would like to get some feedback from you, such as "how convenient to receive the package" "how convenient to assemble the cake" "any small defect" "does your cat/dog like it" etc. If a photo of the assembled cake with your fur kids can be provided that will be so nice.

About the cake:

You will receive 2 parts in the box, the cake base and cake topper. Cake base is freeze dried, texture is loose and soft. Topper is air dried, it is a bit hard. You will need to put it together after receiving.

Chicken flavour. Suits both dogs and cats (cats might not eat the topper cuz it has coconut, cats generally do not like fruit or veggies)

We suggest you to feed this to your pet as treats only. You can break it and feed it to pets a few bites, then store in a tubberware for 30 days at room tempurature.

4 inch cake 10 cm width. It is tiny. You might wanna re-consider if you have a pawty.

We need about 5 business days to make your order. Then about 1 weeks for the shipping, but it can takes 2-3 weeks on the way for some area.

Portrait is customised according to your cat/dog. Similarity is subjective. We do not guarantee it will look like to your pet. Photos for your references.


  • What's freeze dried?

Google will give you a very very long explanation. Let's keep it simple, it can make the cake dry so we can keep them at room temperature and then be able to send by a parcel.

  • Can you make different flavour?

Not at the moment. Freeze drying is an expensive and big batch process. We have to make 150 cakes base at once. Currently we do not have that much sales to make 2 or more batches and sell them before expire.

  • Can you cater for certain diet?

no. cake base is a batch process. Please scroll down to the bottom to find out our full ingredient list.

  • Can you make it bigger/taller?

no. it can't fit into freeze dryer.

  • Can you send by Express Post?

Contact us. Express post is a few dollar more, but currently Auspost does not guarantee on express post timing either. Since you might not get it on time anyway, might as well save a few dollars. I m sure your fur kids won't mind delayed birthday. XD

Any more question please email us. I will keep updating our FAQs :)


Chicken Breast, Egg, Plain Greek Yoghurt, Chicken Heart, Organic Coconut, Non added sugar carob and yoghurt buttons, Yeast, Organic Tapioca Flour, Seasonal organic vegetable for colour. *please note products are made in an open kitchen which may contain trace of all kinds of allergens.

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