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Green Tripe Dog Treat 100g

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☀☀☀About the Tripe☀☀☀

Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal such as cow and sheep. The unique stomachs of ruminants have four chambers which systematically break down grasses with a slew of digestive enzymes, gastric juices and amino acids.
You may have seen tripe on the grocery store shelves in a white and bleached form. This is not what you want to feed your dog: it is devoid of any real value. What you want to feed is ‘green tripe’, the stuff that comes right out of the animal, raw without any artificial processing.

The same digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria that help the ruminant animal digest foodstuff will do the same for your dog.

Not only is tripe loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics, Green tripe has the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus – 1:1. it also contains the essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic.

Our green tripe are non-bleached, un-treated, cold washed (by-law) and dehydrated in low temperature which keep the tripe raw and dry. It is crunchy - easily break into small pieces without get messy. It has a light offal smell which is attractive to dogs but human can barely smell it (unless you get very close to it).

Cow or Sheep has 4 stomachs: 1. Rumen beef tripe or Blanket or flat tripe 2. Reticulum beef tripe or Honeycomb tripe. 3. Omasum beef tripe or Book tripe. 4. Abomasum beef tripe or Reed tripe. They look a bit different, that's why we have different photos. But they all have loads of digestive enzyme and much beneficial nutrients to pups. We sell all of them as Green Tripe. Sometimes you get a black one sometimes brown/yellowish one.

Slightly stink for a human aspect but dogs go crazy about it.

Honestly speaking I don't think there is any probiotic left in the air dried tripe. Air-dry itself is a bacteria killing process. Probiotics probably all dead. But your dog will still love it.


NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Suitable to feed to dogs as treat only. Store in a cool & dry place for about 1 year


Available for purchased directly in store.

Available for shipping by parcel within Australia.

Available for direct delivered by Delivery Person to most suburbs in Melbourne.


Australian Beef or Cow or Goat Tripe.

That's it! Nothing nasty, Nothing hidden.

☀☀☀Allergy Advice☀☀☀

If your pet has any food allergy please let us know before ordering.

Please check ingredients list for allergen. However please note this product is made in the home environment that process other all kind of food and may contain trace of nuts, coconut, sesame, dairy, wheat, fish, beef, chicken or egg etc.

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