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☀☀☀Limited Time Available☀☀☀

Jumbo quails are available limited time. Our usual quail treats are only 1/6 size compare to these big birds.

Restaurant level jumbo quails usually do not supply to pet food industry because of its price tag. However due to the pandemic restaurants are closed and the quail farm is facing big challenge.

To help the farmers we took the backlog quails and made them into yummy pet treats. Our cost are much much higher due to the higher ingredient price, much longer process time (because it is bigger) and extra labour and shipping cost. But we keep the retail price at $12 for quick sale. Let's help each other to survive through the harsh time.

We might not get same quality quail in the future (hopefully)

☀☀☀About the Treat☀☀☀

Air dried quails. Whole piece are crunchy, including the bone. i have tried in-person (don't copy me plz we do not have human food license) . Human teeth can easily break it. Our fur kids definitely has no problem eat the whole thing.

Adding quail or a quail-based food to your pet's diet can offer variety and is a good way to change up the type of protein your pet is consuming on a regular basis. Quail is also a novel protein, making it a good solution for pets with food allergies or food sensitivities to proteins such as beef or chicken.

Suitable for all age cats and dogs.

Each bag contains 150+ grams quails.

Keep in the resealable bag in a cool and dry place for 1 year.


Available for purchased directly in store.

Available for shipping by parcel within Australia.

Available for direct delivered by Delivery Person to most suburbs in Melbourne.

100% Australian Quail, Australian Fresh Air.

☀☀☀Allergy Advice☀☀☀
Please note this product is made in a facility that process other products and may contain trace of nuts, coconut, sesame, dairy, wheat, meat, fish, or egg.

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