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Organic Cat Grass Seeds 100g | Hairball Remedy | Super Food

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Cat grass seeds 100g. Cat grass is an organic remedy for cat's fur ball problem also stimulant natural instinct. Many cats like to munch on it. This is cat grass, not catnip. it won't make the cats high.

Packaging include 100g seeds and seeding instruction. does not include pot or soil. 100g seed can plant about 10 pots of grass like the 3rd product photos. The grass will regrow 2 -3 batches or live 2-3 weeks if you water them properly. They do not live forever. Emphasising again → They do not live forever.

Some cats love foraging, rather chew the grass by themselves. If you cut off and feed they might not eat it. In this case they may pull the grass too much and damage the root which the grass will not regrow.

If the grass starts to turn yellow then it is the good time to change to another pot.


Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seeds, Certified Organic Barley Grass Seeds, Certified Organic Oat Grass Seeds, Organic Alfalfa(seasonal).


Available for sending by a non-trackable flat letter

Available for pick up in store at Melbourne CBD during opening hours.

Available for In-person Delivery within Melbourne cost about $6-20 depend on distance.

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