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Pre-grown Organic Cat Grass in a pot | Hairball Remedy | Super Food

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Cat Grass in a pot. Ready to eat (or new sprout ready to eat in 3-4 days).

One pot suits 1-2 cats.

Cat grass is an organic remedy for cat's fur ball problem also stimulant natural instinct. Many cats like to munch on it. It is not catnip. it won't make the cats high.

Keep at a indoor sunny place (e.g. next to window) and water daily. More water the better. The pot has drain holes to prevent drowning.

It will regrow 2 -3 batches or live 2-3 weeks if you water them properly. Also your cat might chew it until it dies. They do not live forever.

Emphasising again → They do not live forever. Ordering too much at once might be a waste.

Suitable for cat, dog, rabbit or herbivore pets. Can be cut into smaller pieces and sprinkle on food, or feed directly.

Some cats love foraging, rather chew the grass by themselves. If you cut off and feed they might not eat it. Chewing might kill the grass. No need to be sad about the plant, just let the cat king enjoys.

If the grass starts to turn brown then it is the good time to change to another pot.

The pot and soil can't be re-use (Sharp edges inside). The soil need to be compost again if you plan to re-use. (if you are googling how to compost soil then trust me it is a big hassle just toss it away don't reuse it)

Most time we use recycled metal can (like in the photo) as a pot. it might not be available all time. We might use paper bowl instead.


Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seeds, Certified Organic Barley Grass Seeds, Certified Organic Oat Grass Seeds, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Soil. Water and Sunlight *seeds are seasonal. we might not use all of them.

Cat grass provides many nutritional benefits for both humans and animals for it is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium vitamins A, E and B12. Thus people also give it to their pets. It provides many health benefits for dogs and cats such as aiding in digestion, improving blood flow, helps with detoxification and reduces the risk of your pets contracting cancer.

Cats instinctively be attracted to cat grass. It helps them digest the hairball and gives them smoother bowel movement.

Cat grass is a safe alternative to outdoor grass, which can be treated with weed killers or other pesticides or other wild animals urine which presents contagious disease. It provides your cat with an opportunity to engage in a natural behavior. For outdoor cats, an indoor garden provides a healthy alternative to nibbling on the neighbours’ possibly pesticide-laced lawn. For indoor cats, it distract the cats from your beautiful indoor plants and also offers a delicious taste of the outdoors.


Available for pick up in store at Melbourne CBD during opening hours.

Available for In-person Delivery within Great Melbourne.

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