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Refund Policy:

No refund/exchange/return for any subjective reasons such as does not look like my pet, not what I expected, change of mind, the pet does not eat it, etc.

We will refund any faulty/broken items.  If you have received faulty/broken items. Please contact with your order number in 5 business days. We will issue a full refund back to the original payment. 

Purchasing T&Cs:

For cake orders:


The full ingredients list is on each product's page. Eggshell is one of the ingredients (for calcium intake) of dog cakes. 


Please feed a moderate amount and always monitor your pets when feeding and also provides freshwater. Cut into small pieces to prevent choking if necessary. We suggest feeding 1-3% of the pet's body weight. Our cake contains high protein and high fibre which are very valuable nutrition but hard to digest. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, feed less.


We can't guarantee any subjective conditions such as customised portrait will look like my pet, size look too small/too big, my cat does not eat it, etc...


Cakes can be store in the fridge for 3-4 days. Just like any food, the fresher the better looks and better taste. Also, please handle with care. It is a cake, can be very fragile.


We use carob to write on the cake. it is a type of bean that looks like chocolate but contains no cocoa, safe for pets. but it will melt like chocolate when the weather is hot. Don't leave the cake in the car for too long.


We only use vegetable to colour our product. The colour is heavily affected by the vegetable itself and the environment. The colour might be slightly different for each batch. We cannot guarantee the colour will be exactly like the photos. We use food-grade bamboo charcoal for black colour. It will help the intestine detox and won't be absorbed. If your cake has a large area of black/grey colour (i.e. black theme cake), it is normal the second day your pet will have black poop. Beetroot might give pink/red poo. Spinach might give a green poo. As long as your fur kid is happy and bright, don't worry.


Your pet will have more poo💩 the next day since one of the ingredients is coconut. coconut is 10x more natural fibres compare to oatmeal.


For All Orders:


We would like to provide healthy food for fur friend​. All of the products are natural without artificial flavour or lure agent. No guarantee that everyone will like it. Generally, healthy food tastes worse than junk food.


The Best Before Date is a general guide however products might be affected by all kind of environmental aspects. We suggest you use discretion when feeding your pets. If smell rancid or any mould present please do not feed.


Please allows imperfection for all handmade items.


Please be aware that sometime shipping company will lose/delay/damaged parcels. This is out of our control. We refund customers the cake price+postage but we won't be able to compensate for the disappointed party guests or unsatisfied fur kids etc...


All delivery or parcel will be authorised to leave.


All our products are not intended for human consumption. (human food requires additional licenses)


All our products are made in a home environment which may present to all kind all allergens such as nuts, egg, dairy, meat etc.


Ingredients/recipes/prices/opening hours/ are subject to change without notice.

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