Unique cake 

for the 

Unique one

Customised cake for the furry baby

Why Us

Healthy Ingredients

✓  Grain Free

✓  Good Protein + Low Carbs

✓  No added sugar or salt

✓ 100% Natural

✓  Artificial Nasties Free

✓  Human Graded

✓  Ingredient Transparency

Customised Portrait 

Unique Face?

Unknown Breed?

No Problem


according to the photos

We send treats within Australia

We can't send perishable cakes at this moment

but there is always a way to celebrate.

Long lasting treats delivered by parcel within Australia.

Remember to order ahead giving plenty time on the way

Gift Box

Free Shipping

Personalised Bone Shape Cookie

Lollies, Donuts and a Plush Toy.



Cake Topper

Personalised according to your dog

DIY your own pup cake and decorate with the most unique cake topper




many choices

Jerky. Chewy Treats. "Beer" or cookies.

A lot of choices.




The Bakery

Tiny store hidden in Melbourne CBD.

L1/364 Spencer St

A barky dog, a few foster cats and a quiet hooman in store.

Usually have some treats and a few dog birthday cakes in stock.

Welcome to drop by in PM with your fluffy kids

364 Spencer St, West Melbourne


03 9043 2534

This store is run by a night owl :)
Mon - Wed: 1- 6pm  Fri - Sat: 1 - 6pm
Thur & Sun: Depend on mood. You are welcome to make appointment between 1 - 6pm.

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If you find any error/bug feel free to report it to us by email.

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