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Closeup of a Black Dog

Why Choose Us?


Our cakes are handmade in-house and customised according to each furry friend.


We use real ingredients from the human grocery store or market place.

No "Pet Food" meat

No unknown source ingredients

Fresh Vegetables for Sale

Healthy & Nutritious



100% Natural

Artificial Nasties Free

Human Graded

No Added Salt or Sugar

Ingredient Transparency

Food Ingredients in Bowls


Order Online

CBD in-store pick up

Shipping Aus wide

Delivery in Melbourne


Community Approval

Our products are loved by many Veterinary, Veterinary School, Rescue Group including RSPCA and many furry celebrities.


We also support animal rescue by sponsoring their auctions, calendar sales and bake sales to help raise funds for animals in needs.


Happy Customers

Our furry friends do not speak, but the photos say everything!


Check out our Instagram for thousands of happy furry babies' photos.

Image by Pauline Loroy

Support Local

We proudly support local businesses by shopping all ingredients from the local suppliers and local market

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