Monthly Fresh

Cat Grass & Litter 

Deliver to your door

$48 / month

Where we deliver

Within about 8km from Melbourne CBD






What's inside

2 bags of cat clumping litter and 2 pots of cat grass

2 Bentonite Litter

Charcoal Odour Absorber

Superior Clumping Ability

Cats like the sandy feeling 


2 Tofu Litter

Enviro Friendly

Can flush down the toilet

Pellet shape less mess

pleasant scent

2 Cat grass pots


Fur Ball Remedy

Natural Instinct

Ready to Feed

Easy to Take Care

How it work

1. Subscribe

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2. Monthly Payment

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3. Monthly Delivery

Always fresh greens 

Always fresh litters

Frankly Speaking

Cat grass grow at different speed in different weather. We are not able to deliver on the same date of each month.


To make the shipment free, it is group delivery. We can't meet each customer's' delivery time requirement. 

It might arrive at weird hours. All deliveries are authorized to leave.  If you live in an apartment building or condominium, please ask your concierge to receive the box for you, or give buzzer instructions allows the drive to leave the box inside the building. 

Please note there will be quite a bit returning fee occurred if the driver has to return the order.

Due to covid, drivers might not bring the order inside. Litters and plants are about 10kg in total which you will have to carry it yourselves. 

Cat grass does not live forever. It might die from lack of water or sunlight, or it might die from cat's aggressive chewing.  But don't worry, you will get another 2 pots next month.

Sometimes cat grass pot are recycled tin, sometimes are paper cup. We try to be environment friendly : )


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