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Natural Lecithin | Fur Ball Remedy
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Egg naturally contain high amount of lecithin. Fat is what binds the hair in the stomach, lecithin can dissolve fat and helps to break down the hairball allowing it to pass.

One or two yolks a week is often sufficient to prevent hairballs. If your fur kid doesn't like the gooey egg yolk taste or it causes loose stool, this supplement might be a better alternative.

Please note we do not add any anti-cake agent in the product. It is normal to see the powder clumping up. Please seal the jar after use

Each jar contain 70g egg yolk powder and a scoop.

Each bag contain 500g egg yolk powder, no scoop. Suggest to put it in an air tight container after open.

NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN USE. Feed to pets as supplements only. Not intended to treat/cure any disease. Not suitable for IBD or any gastro disease pet. Please seek veterinarian advice if any health concerns.


100% Fresh Egg Pasteurised and Spray Dried.

FEEDING GUIDE: Start with 1/4 scoop and slowing increase to about 1 scoop per 5kg body weight daily. Mix in to food.

STORAGE: Store in a cool & dry place for 1 year, preferably in the fridge.


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